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Forensic Accounting

The HedgeCo Legal and Consulting Group has a network of accountants experienced in the field of forensic accounting. We have the ability to combine investigative services with traditional accounting, providing you with all the resources needed for performing forensic accounting to assist in legal matters.


Forensic accounting is generally admissible in a court of law and goes beyond the numbers to identify substantive legal issues in compliance, regulatory control, and general transactions. Not only do we have the accounting network, but our legal professionals help you identify situations that require and issues that can be resolved through our forensic accounting process. The benefits of our forensic accounting procedures include:


  • Litigation support

  • Dispute resolution

  • Quantification of damages

  • Expert testimony

  • Business valuation

  • Loss recovery

  • Identifying money laundering

  • Qualifying and disqualifying allegations of fraud

  • Identifying misappropriations of assets

  • Analyzing complex and/or suspicious transactions

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